Apple is partnering with LG for a foldable iPhone

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While there are also reports of LG setting up a team for printing rigid-flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB).

Apple is already working with Korean firm LG on the technology behind the device, a foldable display which bends over like a sheet of paper, according to Korean sources.

Although this is all just rumors and should be taken with the appropriate amount of salt, it makes sense that Apple would use LG rather than Samsung, as that could help break Samsung's OLED monopoly. In fact, some might say that Ming-Chi Kuo knows Apple every move even before Apple decides what to do.

A report by The Investor, claims that the production of the panels will start from 2020.

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Sources say that panel production could start in 2020, meaning any sort of foldable iPhone could be launched the same year. According to Korean-sourced report, se new screens will be collapsible. The highly rumoured Galaxy X that is said to be featuring a foldable display is expected to launch next year. That may mean Apple could postpone its iPhone launch that year.

The report adds that LG has been working on its own foldable OLED panels for years, and is reportedly improving its durability as well as yield rate. At the moment there was mention of company being faced with some difficulty in making the final product with foldable display, if the problem does not get solve soon then the handset arrival day may pushed back.

A wave of unsatisfied customers complaints has hit Apple not long before the release of iPhone X. Apple customers are complaining about the battery life mainly but also reports have appeared online of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices bursting open due to faulty batteries. Meanwhile, LG has been working hard to catch up to Samsung in OLED panel manufacturing, and Apple is said to have increased its partnership with LG Display, which has been supplying LCDs to the iPhone maker for years. The company now is supplying first batch of foldable panels to some Chinese handset makers as well as to its parent company.