Apple gets green-light to build major data centre in Ireland

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Apple has today won a 2-year-long court battle granting the company the necessary permission to build a $1bn data centre in Galway, Ireland.

Apple's data centre ambitions for the west of Ireland are now set to blossom.

Paul Keane, from the Apple for Athenry Facebook group which has campaigned to allow the tech giant to build its data centre there, described the decision as "great news".

The data centres in Athenry and Denmark's Jutland are to be host to popular Apple services such as iCloud, Apple Music, Siri and various e-commerce activities.

The construction of the 166,000 sqm data centre is expected to generate up to 300 jobs during the different phases of expansion. The three objectors are, however, expected to appeal.

A spokesperson for Apple said that the company is not commenting on the judgment at this time.

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The following September, Galway County Council gave permission for it to proceed subject to conditions, but that decision was subsequently appealed to An Bord Pleanála.

At its peak, the investment in Galway is estimated to be worth more than €1bn and would put Ireland on the global digital map as well as encouraging more digital investments and data centres to go west.

"In light of the time that it took to arrive at this decision we will have to take a critical look at this whole process because the way it stands it is far too slow and is a threat to employment and the economy in general".

But local residents Sinéad Fitzpatrick, Allan Daly, and Wicklow landowner Brian McDonagh asked Ireland's High Court for a judicial review on environmental grounds.

The Irish and Danish data centers are created to improve the performance of cloud services for European customers, including Siri, iMessage, iTunes, iMessage and Maps.

Up to 2,000 residents marched through Athenry in support of the data centre development back in November 2016.