Terrifying! Man Barely Survives Fight With This 23 Foot-Long Python

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An Indonesian man has won an exhausting fight to the death against a 23ft-long python which left him with horrific injuries.

Sutarja said the 37-year-old Nababan, who sometimes liked to eat snake, tried to catch the giant python and stuff it in a gunny sack.

Robert's severely injured arm.He was immediately rushed to the hospital to treat his injuries.

- Leni Siau (@lenisiau99) October 3, 2017Robert Nababan vs giant Indonesian python snake: Man vs nature.

Hungry locals later killed the snake and displayed its body in the village before dicing it up, frying it and feasting on it.

Nababan, who briefly spoke to local reporters from his hospital bed, said he encountered the python in the evening of September 30 as he was riding his motorcycle home from his work. "It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while".

He is reported to have suffered deep lacerations to his left arm and hand.

Grisly proof of the win could be seen in Mr Nababan's village as the snake's body was seen strung across washing line trees like a washing line.

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The Guinness World record for the longest snake ever to be held in captivity was for a reticulated python called Medusa that measured a whopping 25ft and two inches.

Back in March when a man was found dead inside the snake's stomach in West Sulawesi of Indonesia.

Just last month a Hampshire man was found dead next to his pet python.

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Python eats man in India.

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The giant python attacked an Indonesian man, almost severing his arm, before hungry villagers chopped up the reptile and ate it, a police chief said on Wednesday.